(N)Con Brio´s Persians & Exotics - 

- a small cattery with a passion for silver -

- and now also Sacred Birman

Some special cats to remember with love...

Meinhardus Miracle

- The Queen of The House

Thank you, Susanne...

She was loved....

EC (N) Con Brio´s Silver Juliette


Possu lived her life in Finland at

Siriuksen Cattery

Thank you, Satu, for loving her so much :)

EC (N)Con Brio´s Nin-O-Silver-Nuts


...our Ninni ... <3


-also loved at Siriuksen Cattery


(N)Con Brio´s Silver Trendsetter




(N)Con Brio´s Silver Victor Tabby


alias Sultan Tabby av Grefsen


Owner: Ingunn Bjerke and her family


Thank you for loving him so much <3


(N)Con Brio´s Silver Oliver


- who used all his 9 lives and was

so much loved and cared for by Linda

and her family


Owner: Linda Rebnord



EC (N)Con Brio´s Silver Rolex


Loved and owned by

Vesna Riznar Resetic, Kroatia


CH (N)Con Brio´s Xtra Silver Xo (EXO ns)


- - Mia and her friend Mr. Bird




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Last update July 12, 2020